Welcome to the IHI Code Club!

If you are a newcomer, please fill in this form to join our GitHub organisation and gain access to all our wonderful resources, then head over to our Getting started guide, AND read the 8 rules of the Code Club. You can also go to the Search page in the sidebar if you’re looking for specific content.

Otherwise please sit back, relax, and carry on reading 😊

What is Code Club?

The IHI Code Club is a volunteer-led group open to anyone who engages in coding.

Our main goal is to introduce and encourage good coding practice to all our members by coming together, solving (your) problems, and sharing experience. Sessions include hands-on tutorials, discussions on a specific topic, or talks by our members or invited speakers (more details on the Sessions page)



  • Promote good coding practice​
  • Encourage open science
  • Upskilling​
  • Data showcase
  • Reduce duplication of efforts​
  • Foster collaborations​
  • Troubleshooting and sharing pain​ 😩
  • Have a fun group / pre-pub activities! 🍻


Not gonna lie, this bible is heavily inspired by The Turing Way


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